A Parliament of Things is a collection of essays on nature and society by Philip Stott, Emeritus Professor of Biogeography in the University of London.

While some of the essays are unique to this site, others have been expanded, or adapted, from essays previously published in a wide range of newspapers and magazines, including The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, and Country Illustrated. Some longer essays were originally published in book form.

It is planned to add new essays on a regular basis. All essays will deal with the ‘hybrids’ and ‘quasi-objects’ betwixt and between nature and society that have been so brilliantly defined by Bruno Latour in his masterpiece, We have never been modern (first published as Nous n’avons jamais ete modernes in 1991). Anybody who has a genuine interest in the construction of environmental narratives relating to climate, wildlife, and agriculture should read this pivotal work of philosophy.

I hope that you will find these writings of value in re-assessing your own views about the transendence/immanence of nature and the transendence/immanence of society. We all have much to learn about our role in a new Parliament of Things.